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Who we are

Dappir provides maid and house cleaning services in Tampa and surrounding areas. Our motto is pretty simple. We bring you cleanliness, integrity and positive vibes. This applies from top to bottom for everyone on our team.

Dappir’s process for adding team members largely ensures this. Each member of our team is carefully picked through rigorous vetting. In addition to that, we maintain communication with you so that your questions and concerns are always addressed.

Service Offerings

Ever feel like the mess never ends?  Or that you’ll get it tomorrow?  You have tons of chores and tasks on your plate.  Let us bare cleaning for you so you have less to worry about.  See our service offerings below.  We’d love to help give you a clearer mind and more time in your life!


Weekly, Bi-Weekly Or Monthly

One Time

Those once in a while cleans that make things easier to maintain down the road

Move In / Out

Have your property cleaned before you move in or after you move out

How it Works


Book Online

Choose a date and time that works for you.

We Clean

A certified cleaner materializes at your door with supplies in hand.

You Chillax

Catch a breather. Relax. If you have other work to do that’s totally cool too!
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Your satifaction above all else.



The home you live in is unique. We base our cleaning services on that underrated fact!​


Your comfort is just as important to us as your home’s cleanliness. In fact, they go hand in on on so many levels.


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